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Health Maintenance Packages

at Corning Animal Hospital

Puppy & Kitten Packages

Corning Animal Hospital has cost-effective packages available for your new puppy or kitten. The packages include all of the basic care that your new family member needs for a healthy beginning at a substantially discounted price. Examinations, diagnostic testing, core vaccinations, parasite control, spaying or neutering surgery, and microchipping are included in our puppy and kitten packages. Additional optional services may be added to the packages at a discounted price.

Preventative Care Packages

Preventative Care Packages

Preventive medicine is an important and cost-effective part of keeping pets healthy. At Corning Animal Hospital we would rather prevent disease in our patients than see them get sick from an avoidable problem. That’s why we offer preventive care packages at a discount for all ages of dogs and cats.

Senior Wellness Testing

As pets get older they can develop age-related internal health problems. Many times these conditions are difficult or impossible to accurately diagnose without testing. Corning Animal Hospital recommends annual senior health screening tests for dogs age 7 and older and for cats age 10 and older. This testing includes blood cell counts, a complete chemistry profile, a thyroid hormone measurement, a urinalysis, and an intestinal parasite test. The purpose of this testing is to give us a picture of what is going on inside your pet’s body and to discover any health problems at the earliest possible stage when treatments are likely to be more effective and less expensive. We offer this testing at a discounted price for pets who are not experiencing any urgent health problem.

Complementary & Integrative Medicine

Corning Animal Hospital strives consider our patients in a holistic manner and to use all the tools at our disposal to help them stay healthy. As such we take into account each animal’s individual health condition and endeavor to recommend the most complete care possible.

Some examples of integrative medical services that we offer at our office include nutritional therapy and counseling, acupuncture, and therapeutic laser. We also maintain referral relationships with other veterinary professionals to provide services such as physical rehabilitation and massage therapy.

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