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Diagnostic Imaging For Your Pet at – Corning Animal Hospital


Since our patients cannot tell us how they are feeling we often using imaging tests to see inside their bodies. Corning Animal Hospital uses digital radiographs (also called “x-rays”) to diagnose many problems with bones, joints, and internal organs. In just a couple of minutes we are able to produce high quality digital radiographs. After an initial reading by our veterinarians all of our radiographs are transmitted to a board certified radiology specialist for review and consultation. When necessary, consultation with a specialist is available within minutes on an emergency basis.


Ultrasound is another tool that we use at Corning Animal Hospital to see inside our patients’ bodies. This non-invasive testing uses sound waves to give us images of the internal organs. In addition to helping us examine the internal organs, ultrasound is very useful for collection of urine and other fluids.


An endoscope is a tube-like instrument that contains a fiber optic camera. Corning Animal Hospital uses a versatile endoscope that allows us to directly visualize areas of the body including the ear canals, upper respiratory tract, lower urinary tract, and inside the abdomen. We can also pass instruments through a channel inside the endoscope to obtain biopsy samples and to perform certain types of treatments.

Electrocardiograms (also called “ECG” or “EKG”)

While an ECG does not let us actually see the heart it does give us important information about the electrical activity of the heart. This helps us screen for cardiovascular diseases and certain other internal health problems that may affect the heart. At Corning Animal Hospital all of our ECG tests are transmitted to a board-certified cardiologist for review and consultation.

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